Students, faculty, staff: Share your input

Before kicking off a master planning process, the University is launching a feedback exercise to gather input and data to create a holistic view of how members of the University community move around campuses and use facilities.

All faculty, staff, and students at all University locations are invited to participate in the mapping exercise to help ensure future planning incorporates the needs of a diverse community.

Map Your UR

As part of this brief exercise, you’ll be asked to consider and identify where you spend most of your time on and around University campuses and locations.

The exercise includes two steps:

Step 1: Mark and rate the locations where you eat, study, socialize, teach, research, provide healthcare, and conduct other major activities that are important to your success at work or school.

  • Where do you eat?
  • Where do you live?
  • Where do you socialize?
  • Where do you study?
  • Where do you park?
  • Where are your favorite and least favorite classrooms?
  • What are your favorite outdoor spaces?
  • Where do you work?
  • Where do you collaborate?
  • Where is the heart of campus?
  • Are there any places on campus where you feel unsafe?
  • Draw your primary walking routes.
  • Draw your primary accessible routes.
  • Draw your primary biking routes.
  • Draw your primary driving routes.
  • Draw your primary bus routes.
  • With which group do you most identify (student/staff/faculty/community member/alumnus)?
  • How many years have you been with the university/what year are you in your studies?
  • With which college/school are you affiliated (faculty and students only)?
  • How many student groups are you a member of (students only)?
  • How close to campus do you live?

Step 2: Mark the routes you take to get to those places.

This activity takes approximately 10 minutes and is best completed in one session. Contact the planning team if you have questions or need assistance to complete the exercise:

Accessibility: Map alternative

This exercise uses an interactive map of the University’s campuses to gather data. It requires the use of a mouse or touchscreen to input responses. If you prefer an alternative to the interactive map, please use this survey form to share your input.

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