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Faculty and staff success

We are committed to being a diverse community and ensuring that all who work here feel valued and respected.

The University of Rochester aspires to be a model employer in the region and nationally with the most talented and diverse faculty and staff in our University’s history. We are committed to building a community of individuals who represent a wide range of identities and backgrounds and to ensuring that all who work, live, and study here feel valued and respected.

As the competition for exceptional and diverse faculty and staff increases, the University of Rochester must prioritize creating an attractive, welcoming, inclusive, and healthy workplace so that it can best serve our students, deliver exceptional health care and research, and develop and grow our economic impact in the region and the state. Moreover, we will continue our efforts to build a culture of inclusion that allows all our employees to thrive, grow, and succeed personally and professionally.

Achievement of this goal

  • Diversify our staff, faculty, and leadership.
  • Create a culture of transparency, equity, people-centered management practices, and engagement.
  • Increase our ability to recruit employees.

Strategic objectives

In order to recruit and retain a talented and diverse faculty and staff, we must prioritize the success of our people by implementing best practices in equitable hiring and employee development. We will create new and revise existing recognition programs, develop and implement career advancement programs, increase communications about career development and advancement opportunities for employees, strategically hire to increase leadership diversity across the University, and evaluate and strengthen policies through a lens of diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and justice.

Effective leadership and management play a key role in employees’ decisions to stay or leave their place of employment. To successfully retain our extraordinary talent, we must foster a culture of exceptional, people-centered leadership at all levels of the institution. We will do this by creating and implementing leadership development programs for managers across the University.

The University of Rochester is deeply committed to ensuring that our people have the support they need to perform their work in a productive and healthy work environment. Therefore, it is imperative that we develop programming that focuses on employee well-being and wellness. Not only will this include wellness programming; it will be embedded in our culture, training, and onboarding.

To ensure that the University of Rochester promotes a culture of transparency, we must develop and implement communications plans that support effective two-way communication and bidirectional feedback between University leadership and all University employees. We will redesign our internal communications strategies so that employees receive timely, useful, and thoughtful communications from University leadership and provide mechanisms for input and response from employees.

The city of Rochester and surrounding community are a critical partner to developing our current and future workforce. We cannot be passive in our recruitment and development of talent and career pathways in an increasingly competitive marketplace. We must also consider the continued positive impact that our organization can have on the economic and social mobility of individual employees and, by extension, the city and region. Partnerships and collaboration will be key to contributing to and benefiting from a vibrant and just city and region.

Measures of success

Definitions of measures of success will be coordinated to create consistency and increase transparency. Detailed metrics for each of the following areas will be available via dashboards and updates on our Progress page at the end of our first year.

  • Recruitment and retention
  • Development and wellness
  • Culture
  • Leadership

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