Boundless progress

As we move forward to realize the bold ambition of Boundless Possibility, we are committed to transparency and accountability for what we have achieved and what we have yet to accomplish.

To set us up for success, each of our strategic goals—and their associated objectives and tactics—has a dedicated University leader to oversee progress. And to make sure we can adapt to changing conditions and opportunities, each year, we will review our tactics and launch new initiatives.

The longer our plan is in action, the more clearly you will be able to see our progress. We are currently establishing tools to track and measure our performance across the University. Beginning summer 2024, this data and other updates should be visible through a comprehensive dashboard.

Our stories of impact

Check out examples of how our community is exemplifying Boundless Possibility.

Goals, objectives, and tactics

Each goal has objectives and tactics, which will guide specific activities for bringing Boundless Possibility to life. Learn more about these details on our goal progress pages.

Latest updates

“These are times made for the University of Rochester”

September 15, 2023

President Sarah C. Mangelsdorf and Provost David Figlio share a vision for the University of Rochester through Boundless Possibility.